An average Ukrainian produces a terrible amount of waste

September 27, 2018
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September 27, 2018 admin

An average Ukrainian produces a terrible amount of waste

The State Statistics Agency has calculated the amount of waste generated in the last year. The numbers are terrible. It is about 366 million tons of waste. Compared to 2016, it is more than 70 million tons. In total, 12.44 billion tons of waste have been accumulated in the landfills.

Last year, according to statistics, every Ukrainian “produced” 265.3 kilograms of waste. 104 kilograms of it were transported to the specially equipped landfills, 5.8 kilograms were burned for energy, 400 grams were recycled, and 30 grams were simply burned. We can only guess where the rest of the waste is.

“In fact, Ukrainians produce a lot of waste. This is not surprising. Often in stores, you can find the goods in a box in which there is another box, and there – something packed, tells Tamara Radchenko, the head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection of the National Ecological and Naturalistic Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to Express-online. “And people who move to another home or do repairs in their home dump the vehicles of household waste.

Unfortunately, we still do not sort waste. In the end, it is not profitable for companies involved in the transportation of household waste and waste collection. However, quite a lot of Ukrainians still carry paper waste to the paper waste collection points, return glass bottles.

But we do not recycle some household waste. In particular, there are no collection points for the batteries, which many people do not throw in the trash, but collect in the boxes. However, one day we will definitely come to civilized waste management. Otherwise, we will drown in waste.”