About the Green Fund

The Green Fund is an independent Ukrainian non-governmental organization (NGO) specialising in assisting citizens to recover from environmental and humanitarian disasters

The Green Fund has offices in most regions of Ukraine, and has recently opened an office in Brussels, Belgium, to coordinate its work with the institutions of the European Union and the Mission of the Republic of Ukraine to the European Union

Additionally, the Green Fund is developing a network of offices in countries including Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Italy, which are the countries that have received the largest number of temporarily displaced persons from Ukraine

Active already for more than six years, the Green Fund continues to pursue the successful implementation of the principles of the Aarhus Convention in Ukraine. This work has secured the rights of citizens in Ukraine to receive accurate information about the environment, and to enforce those rights in court. Through a Green Fund online platform, anyone can access a simple and clear procedure for submitting Aarhus Convention environmental information requests

Our Goals

Protecting people

Our team works to protect people affected by environmental disasters and humanitarian catastrophes, both of which have occurred in Ukraine in 2022 as a result of Russia’s military aggression

Clean environment

We work in Ukraine and internationally to defend the right of every citizen of Ukraine to a clean and safe environment, and to enforce that right

Environmental monitoring

We monitoring the activities of enterprises whose activities cause pollution and damage to the environment and human health, working with state and international environmental authorities to highlight violations and pursue complaints

Compensation for damage from pollutants

Our guiding principle is that polluters must take full responsibility for the damage caused to nature and people by eliminating the consequences of environmental pollution and paying adequate compensation to the victims

Environmental responsibility

Through our activities we work to ensure that government and business adopt an environmentally responsible position towards nature and people, and we seek to encourage the adherence to EU and international environmental norms in Ukrainian domestic legislation

Ensuring the principles of the Aarhus Convention

We protect and promote everyone’s right of access to environmental information, the right to participate in decision-making and the right to seek justice in environmental matters