Legal support to refugees and internally displaced people in Ukraine who have suffered damages from Russia’s military aggression

Why is this important?

Establishing a body of evidence that shows Russia’s responsibility under Ukrainian and international law will make it easier for the Green Fund to launch lawsuits globally against Russia and those whose active and passive support has enabled this war.

Each piece of evidence will help to build a damning dossier of damages suffered by Ukrainian citizens and businesses. By providing the Green Fund with evidence of the damages you have suffered due to Russia’s illegal and brutal invasion, you will enable the Green Fund to prove Russia’s responsibility in courts worldwide for violations of the law.

In particular, the Green Fund’s work will be strengthened by refugees and others describing and providing evidence of specific events that prove the facts of damage caused by the Russian occupying forces.

As of April 2022, more than 5.2 million people had been forced to leave Ukraine. The main places for displaced persons: Poland 2,922,978 people; Romania 782,598 people; Hungary 496,914 people; Slovakia 357,560 people; as well as several other EU member states.

These Ukrainian refugees have suffered a harrowing and life-changing experience, and each of them can claim to have suffered one or more of the following kinds of damage:

  • Property damage due to damage or destruction of housing and/or other property;
  • Lost business and corporate income;
  • Damage to the local environment;
  • Loss of work and jobs;
  • Injuries and illnesses, both physical and mental;
  • Moral damage, both due to military aggression and damage to property, damage to health and/or death of close relatives, loss of social ties and habitual lifestyle

How does it work?


You apply to join the class action, which is totally free of any charge


Provide evidence of the damage you have suffered


Coordination and maintenance of the relevant registry

Consultation and assessment of damage

Initial consultation on the possibility of obtaining compensation